Virat Indian Recipes

Virat Indian Recipes

Bhuni Chana Dal aur Paneer (Fried Bengal Gram with Cottage Cheese)

  • Serves: 12
  • Pressure Cooking Time 4 minutes
  • Source:
    Manufacturer Exporter of Pressure Cookers


paneer cut into 2.5 cm cubes
450 g
10 g
8 flakes
vegetable oil
3/4 cup
whole dry red kashmiri chillies
bay leaves
3 sticks ( 2.5 cm each)
brown cardamoms
onions grated
4 medium (400 g)
turmeric powder
1 tsp
red chilli powder
2 tsp
tomatoes chopped
4 medium (400 g)
4.25 cups
Bengal gram soaked in water for 2 hours and drained
2.25 cups
4 tsp
coriander leaves chopped
2 tbsp


To make paneer: Bring milk to boil in a pan. Allow to cool. Skim off all fat from the surface. Bring milk to boil again. Gradually add citric acid, stirring constantly. When milk curdles, remove pan from heat and leave covered for 15 minutes. Place muslin over a bowl. Pour curdled milk into muslin and strain. Gather up corners of muslin and tie about 5 cm above curds. Hang this bag for about 15 minutes. Gently squeeze bag, take down and place between two cutting boards. Place on top board, about 2 kg heavy object for about 1 hour. Remove weight. Untie bag and remove paneer. Grind ginger and garlic into a paste. Group paneer into 3 batches. Heat oil in cooker for about 2 minutes. Lightly brown each batch and remove. Drain off excess oil leaving 2/3 cup in cooker. Place cooker on high heat. Add whole chillies, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon and cardamoms. Stir for a few seconds. Add onions and fry till golden brown. Add ginger-garlic paste. Stir for a few seconds. Add turmeric and chilli powders, tomatoes and

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