Virat Indian Recipes

Virat Indian Recipes

Olan (Red Karamani Beans and Pumpkin in Coconut Milk)

  • Serves: 12
  • Pressure Cooking Time 7 minutes
  • Source:
    Manufacturer Exporter of Pressure Cookers


coconut grated
2.5 cups
4 cups
red karamani soaked in water for half an hour and drained
1 cup
4 tsp
red pumpkin peeled and cut into 4 cm x 4 cm x 0.5 cm cubes
1.5 kg
green chillies slit
curry leaves
2 sprigs
coconut oil
1 tbsp


Extract 1 cup thick milk from grated coconut using 1 cup water. Add 1 cup water to the same coconut and extract 1 cup thin milk. Put remaining water (2 cups), karamani and salt in cooker. Stir. Close cooker. Bring to full pressure on high heat. Reduce heat and cook for 7 minutes. Remove cooker from heat. Allow to cool naturally. Open cooker. Add thin coconut milk and all other ingredients except thick coconut milk and oil. Stir. Close cooker. Bring to full pressure on high heat. Remove cooker immediately from heat. Press finger-tip control/lift vent weight lightly to release pressure. Open cooker. Add thick coconut milk. Place cooker on medium heat and bring to boil stirring gently. Remove cooker from heat. Place olan in serving dish. Pour coconut oil over olan. Serve hot.

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