Get Started Before First Cooking


  • Remove label.
  • Pour one glass of water into cooker vessel. Add one-teaspoon fresh limejuice. The addition of lime juice will ensure that the inside of the cooker vessel remains clean.
  • Fit lid into the cooker vessel.
  • Lock the cooker making sure that the cooker is sealed properly.
  • Place cooker on stove ensuring heat is at the maximum.
  • See that air is expelled from inside the cooker and clear and continuous stream of steam comes out from the vent tube. Fit vent weight on vent tube immediately with the help of a piece of cloth or pair of tongs.
  • In about 5 minutes you will hear a slight hissing sound and the vent weight will give a whistle. (Note: if there is no hissing sound after 5-7 minutes and steam is escaping around the rim, it means the lid has not been fitted properly. Do not touch lid at this stage or you will burn your fingers. Take cooker off stove and let it cool for sometime and refer to the problem-shooting chart).
  • Soon after vent weight will lift and steam will be forced out with loud hissing sound from the vent tube. This means that your cooker has COME TO FULL COOKING PRESSURE.
  • Immediately afterwards take cooker off the stove and allow to cool on its own fully, without removing lid or vent weight. For this first time only, let cooker remain sealed while cooling for about 3 hours


Varying degree of black staining is observed when water, especially alkaline water, is boiled in aluminium vessels. Even treated water, which may contain some regenerating salts, causes black staining. This staining is neither deleterious to food nor injurious to health, staining caused in your pressure cooker can be removed. It is advisable to boil 1 litre of water containing 2 teaspoons of limejuice, tartaric acid, citric acid or vinegar for 30 minutes. It is advisable to use the above method periodically to keep the inside of your cooker clean.


Please read the following instructions very carefully to ensure that pressure cooker is always kept in good working condition.


  • Always use your cooker with sufficient quantity of water. Pressure cooker is cooking with steam, so there must always be water in the cooker to produce steam.
  • Always ensure that the vent tube is completely free of any blockage before closing the lid. Looking through the vent tube and ensuring that the light is visible can easily do this. Always keep the vent tube clean and fixed tight.
  • The weight must always be placed on the cooker only when steam starts coming out steadily through the vent tube.
  • Follow the proper cooking time.
  • When cooking dal (in 3 ltr, 4 ltr. or 5 ltr pressure cooker) always add a spoonful of any cooking medium oil to the contents of the pressure cooker before commencement of the cooking. Allow a few minutes before closing the lid to avoid excess froth, when cooking liquid foods, add adequate quantity of water.
  • In case weight valve falls off during pressure-cooking, please get the vent tube and weight valve checked at our authorized service centre nearest to you.
  • Avoid damage to the sealing rim of the lid and the vessel while cleaning of washing the cooker.
  • Always store the cooker with its lid open to prevent mustiness.
  • Handle the weight valve carefully. Keep it clean.
  • Always keep the handles fully tightened.
  • Always buy genuine spare parts at our authorized service centre nearest to you. Insist on a cash memo when buying genuine spare parts.
  • Take your cooker for checking once a year so as to ensure that your cooker is always in good working condition.


  • Never place a dry or empty pressure cooker on the heat source. If you ever use your cooker without any water it will get over heated and gasket may burn. The cooker may also be damaged.
  • Your cooker should not be filled with more than 2/3 of its capacity for solids or its capacity for liquids. Never overloaded it any way.
  • Never use the plate to cover the top separator while pressure-cooking as it may block the vent tube and the safety valve and prevent their proper functioning.
  • Never attempt to force open the lid of the cooker if there is pressure inside. To check whether there is pressure inside, slightly lift the weight valve and if steam comes out, allow the cooker to cool for some more time. Always remove the weight valve first and then open the cooker.
  • Never tap the rim of the cooker vessel with serving spoons, forks etc., as this may nick the sealing surface and allow steam to escape.
  • Never leave the cooker standing in water, as the shine will dull.
  • Never use soda ash, mud or hard abrasive to wash your cooker.
  • Never try to repair the metallic safety valve and do not substitute the metallic safety valve with spurious plugs, screw the washers, always use genuine safety valve.