Know Your Pressure Cooker

Ordinary cooking takes place at the boiling point of water, which is 100 C. The temperature at which water boils rises with an increase in pressure and this the principle utilized by the pressure cooker to cook food at 122 C (1.055 KG/ CM2). Since cooking is done at higher temperature it is done much faster. The higher temperature and faster cooking can be achieved by utilizing pressure has been known for centuries but it was known how to control the necessary pressure safely for domestic use. This was achieved with the invention of the pressure cooker and its introduction for general domestic use only a few years ago. Thus science and technology have given housewives a simple way of improving the quality of living, which has not been available to earlier generations.


Shown below are the most important parts of VIRAT pressure cooker. Do get to know their names and positions. You will find this very helpful in following the instructions.

1. Weight Valve (Pressure Regulator)
2. Lid Handle Bar
3. Lid Handle
4. Locking Loop
5. Main Handle Bracket
6. Safety valve
7. vessel
8. Lid
9. Auxiliary Handle
11.Vent Tube